Econogard Secure IWM Duxford Fire Alarm PPM Contract!

Econogard Services Ltd are proud to announce they have been selected to provide Reactive and Planned Preventative Maintenance Services for the Imperial War Museum Duxford through one of our major clients, Balfour Beatty Workplace.

The site consists of more than 70 individual buildings, comprising of a range of small conventional to larger Networked Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm and Detection Systems utilising Point, Aspirating and Flame Detection.

We look forward to working with both BBW and IWM Duxford on this exciting site!


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Econogard to the Rescue!

When a call came in to Econogard from Carillion Health at Darent Valley Hospital saying their Bedhead Call System has broken down and they needed a temporary wireless system, Econogard’s Sales Team responded quickly with a solution.

The high dependency Heart Centre at the hospital had to turn away patients due to the lack of a working Nurse Call System and the pressure was on for the facilities management company to find a solution.

We quickly sourced a product from one of our specialist suppliers Alert-iT and provided wireless call buttons for every bed in the department and integrated pagers for key staff.

16 units were programmed, shipped, installed and hospital staff trained within a few days of the original enquiry due to the dedication and commitment of Econogard in partnership with Alert-iT’s team in Desford, Leicestershire.

This mobile system can now be used until the old system is either fixed or replaced, then retained in case of another system break down.

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Fall Prevention Equipment – NHS Evaluation

Econogard has completed an evaluation with the NHS, looking at products to help with Fall Prevention.  The Government has recently being putting emphasis on hospitals to prevent patients falling out of their beds, and we have worked with the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading to achieve this aim.  Fall prevention is a top priority for the Government and strategy for the Primary Care Trust.

Various products and equipment were tested during this evaluation, consisting of an “out of ward” test carried out by a BA student from the University of Reading, followed by an “in ward” test through the installation of the preferred product in two wards at the hospital.

The Econogard monitoring product of choice proposed was that of the “Bed-Ex” Bed Occupancy Monitor Sheet interfaced with an Alert-iT Pager and Bedside Monitor.  The Bed-Ex Sheet is made from Tyvek and has a circuit printed on its surface; this works by detecting the proximity of the patient rather than their weight.

The Bed-Ex sheet is an early warning product rather than one that lets you know the fall has already occurred – ideal in a hospital environment where the patients are often elderly and weakened by their illness and therefore prone to falling.

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Econogard add Assistive Technology to their product Portfolio!

We are now proud to announce that we have recently teamed up with two companies in the Assistive Technology Industry, acting as UK Distributors.

Possum specialise in Electronic Assistive Technology (EAT), and provide a range of products including Environmental Remote Controls and Communication Devices.

The Environmental Remote Controls enable end users with Learning Disabilities and Physical Impairments to control everyday household items such as Curtain Tracks, TV’s, Radio, Light Switches, Electronic Fans; giving them control over their everyday lives.

The Communication Devices allow users who are unable to communicate verbally to speak through visual triggers and switches.  These products therefore allow the user to call for help, communicate their mood (happy, sad etc) or inform carers that they are hungry or thirsty, amongst other uses.

STT Condigi are leaders in the Care Phone (or Dispersed Alarms) industry and provides a comprehensive range of Telecare products which enable the elderly to continue to live a relatively independent life.

Their “Reflex II” and “Careline ANNA” Care Phones, via the operation of a small wireless pendant, once activated will connect the service user to a Monitoring Call Centre who can speak with them directly to assess the type of emergency or help required.  Both these products are cost effective alternatives to Tunstall’s “Lifeline” product range.

Another product from STT Condigi is the Cooker Guard which responds to excessive temperature and time.  The Cooker Guard automatically turns off the cooker if the hob becomes too hot or when the cooker has been left on too long without being attended to.

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Wireless Nurse Call Systems for Sunrise Care Homes

Sunrise Care Homes across the UK have state-of-the-art wireless nurse call systems installed by Econogard.

These wireless systems ensure that residents can quickly call on a member of staff as and when required. They also allow residents to be located much more easily in the event of an emergency.

We’ve installed these systems in over 26 existing Sunrise residential care homes to date.

We can install the following types of wireless nurse call systems for any type of residential care home and as well as Sunrise, we have a number of ongoing contracts for these in the UK.

  • Local Unit in stand-alone operation
  • Unit with call transmission to a PC
  • Unit with call transmission to personal pagers

Our Specialist Sales Team have a portable demo kit to help show customers exactly how easy it is to install these wireless systems and how they can benefit residents of care homes as well as patients in healthcare facilities.

Get in touch with us now to find out more.

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Autronica Fire Alarms – Econogard Become Approved Specialists

Econogard Services Ltd is proud to announce that in conjunction with the release of the new Autronica AutroPrime Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm System at Firex this year, we have been selected by Kidde Products to remain as one of the new lead Autronica Approved Specialists.

Econogard are one of the original Autronica Fire Alarm System Approved Specialists, authorised for the supply, installation, commissioning, planned maintenance and support of the Autronica range of fire alarm equipment in the UK since 1982 and as such have installed numerous Autronica BS-100 and AutroSafe systems throughout the UK over the last 27 years.

This new updated agreement coincides with the launch of the new AutroPrime and AutroSafe V4 range of Autronica based analogue addressable intelligent fire alarm equipment.

Econogard’s Sales Director Justin Cooper says “Our long established partnership with the Autronica fire alarm product has been a tremendous success over the years. We very much look forward to fully supporting Kidde Products in their aim to further grow the Autronica business and are pleased to retain our status of Autronica Approved Specialist, making us one of the main routes for the Autronica product in the UK market.

As part of our ongoing commitment to fire alarm training and development we are also in the process of rolling out a new modular based Autronica AutroSafe system training course to our own in-house engineers, which we hope will soon be available to both existing and new customers who recognise the benefits that these systems provide to the end user.”

Contact us to learn more about Autronica fire alarm systems.

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Fire Alarm Systems – What Price Safety?

Fire alarm systems play a critical role in health and safety in the workplace, but with more and more companies looking at ways to save money, planned installations, upgrades and maintenance are being postponed.

A recent poll by leading panel manufacturer Morley IAS found that just over 90% of the industry has experienced greater customer influence and pressure to help reduce costs.

The consequences of this are two fold; firstly for the industry itself and all those who play their part in the manufacture, distribution, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems.

Secondly, the vast majority of employees within buildings which may be affected will have no idea that these cutbacks on fire safety have been made by their employers or landlords.

It was also found that cost is the most important factor for almost a third of those involved in fire alarm system decisions, whether it’s installation of a new system or routine maintenance checks.

Fire & Safety at Work
When making key decisions that affect workplace safety, employers and landlords have to be very careful that the fire safety provision they have in place still meets the required minimum legal standards.

Fire safety at work is one of those things that can be neglected or cut back on but this can have devastating consequences if a fire was to occur.
The Morley IAS survey also discovered that only 19% of decision makers regarded having the safest option as the most important factor in fire alarm systems provision.

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Fire Risk Assessments & Insurance

Since October 2006, any employer or person with control over a workplace has had to ensure that a fire risk assessment is carried out regularly for their premises.

The legislation states that the fire risk assessment must be carried out by a competent person which is where Econogard can help.

If you’re a small business, you may not have thought about the impact a fire risk assessment could have on your insurance. Many insurance companies insist on seeing a recent fire risk assessment report before they will cover you, but not all of them are so strict.

Is losing everything worth the risk?

So, what happens if you haven’t had a fire risk assessment and you then have a fire? Well the bad news is that your insurance company will more than likely consider your policy invalid as you haven’t complied with the necessary legislation to help reduce fire risk.

If this happens, you could face losing everything you’ve worked so hard to build up.

Fire risk assessment – who is responsible?

There is an element of confusion that often arises between landlords and tenants of commercial premises when it comes to assessing the fire risk of the property.

As the tenant of the property, the final responsibility lies with you. As stated earlier, if you are the employer or person in control of the working environment, it’s up to you to ensure regular risk assessments for fire are carried out.

Failing to do so could lead to a fine and there was a well publicised case where a hotel owner in Lancashire was fined £18,000 for not having carried out a fire risk assessment, after eight people had to be rescued from the building.

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DDA – The Disability Discrimination Act and You

Since the 1st October 2004 there have been significant changes to the Disability Discrimination Act that may impact on your fire safety strategy.

From this date anyone providing a service will have to address those physical features which make it difficult for disabled people to use their services.

This will mean that service providers – including care-homes, hotels and restaurants, pubs, clubs, gyms, swimming pools and hospitals – will all have to make “reasonable adjustments” to their premises or the way they provide their services to ensure they are not unreasonably difficult for disabled people to use.

British Standards

The British Standard recommends that visual alarm devices or “tactile devices” be incorporated with the existing fire system to provide a warning to the hard of hearing and partially sighted.

The ultimate decision on the method of providing a fire alarm warning is the responsibility of the system user following their own annual fire risk assessment and consultation with a fire alarm specialist

They must also ensure that whichever method they choose it must comply with the British Standards listed below: -

  • BS5446 Part 3 2004 smoke alarm kits for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • BS5839, Part 1 2002 the code of practice for the design of fire detection and alarm systems
  • BS8300, 2001 the code of practice for design of buildings for disabled people
  • BS5839 makes reference to tactile devices such as radio alarm systems that are ideal for people working in isolation or for deaf people.


The system consists of two parts – a transmitter linked into the fire alarm control panel and a receiver which is a vibrating pager. When the fire alarm is activated, it automatically sends a digitally encoded radio signal to each alerter in the building. The alerter vibrates and displays the text fire message.

Econogard’s commitment to DDA compliance for our customers

We can offer you solutions that are designed to address requirements of the DDA whilst not compromising the effectiveness of your fire and security systems.

Access Control Systems

Different kinds of access control system will impact upon disabled people in different ways. As an independent systems specialist, Econogard can recommend, supply and install the most suitable systems that comply fully with the DDA requirements.

Fire Alarm Systems

Building Fire Alarm systems also have to be adapted to fit the requirements of the DDA. The fire risk assessment should make allowance for disabled employees and visitors and consider the methods of alerting deaf people in the event of fire. Some of the options available include visual alarm systems (Xenon Beacons) and tactical devices as mentioned above.

Voice Alarm Systems and Disabled Refuge alarm systems

PA/VA systems enable audible communication of instruction in the even of emergency.

Disabled Refuge Systems are designed for use in allocated ‘safe areas’ and can be used for communication when assistance is required.

Induction Loop Systems

Induction Loop Systems are designed to help people who have hearing difficulties. We can cover all sizes of installation from portable units for customer service operators, small fixed units for counters in banks & Post Offices to the largest auditoria using multiple amplifiers and phase shift controllers.

Should you wish to discuss your requirements, require guidance or wish to see how we are helping our customers comply with the DDA please do not hesitate to contact us on 01763 261 970 or email us at

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