Emergency lighting is designed to help occupants see their way to safety in the event of a mains power failure.

Emergency lighting you can rely on

In the event of a fire, first thoughts turn to getting out quickly and safely. However, that becomes harder when the fire causes a power cut, and the room is filling up with smoke. Emergency lighting is important to help occupants see their way through a building to the emergency exit.

All non-domestic buildings such as shops, offices, theatres, and colleges must have emergency lighting installed in case of fire. Emergency lighting will illuminate many things including signs, exit routes and doors, stairways, and firefighting equipment.

If emergency lighting fails, lives could be put at risk and organisations held responsible. To guard against this, a yearly test of emergency lighting is obligatory.

Our experienced engineers can test your emergency lighting, advise if they meet current standards, and carry out any repairs required.

Emergency exit sign.

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Emergency exit sign.