Fire suppression is a sophisticated system where an inert substance is automatically released to extinguish a fire.

Installing and maintaining fire suppression systems

Priceless assets such as rare manuscripts or high-tech server rooms, need sophisticated and fast-acting fire prevention systems in place as their destruction would be a complete catastrophe.

There are three main types of fire suppression systems which can be used to protect your assets.

  1. Gas suppression systems where a fire is extinguished by releasing a concentration of gas which is able to remove oxygen from the room.
  2. Oxygen depletion systems where a tiny amount of oxygen is removed from a room, which has no detrimental effect on an individual’s breathing but cannot ignite a flame.
  3. Wrapping pressurised tubing within an enclosed fire risk area. When a fire is detected, the tube ruptures releasing the extinguishment direct to the fire source.

Working together with approved third-party partners, we can install and maintain many different types of these sophisticated fire suppression systems.

Metal pipes coming down from the ceiling.
Building, showing a triangle in negative space.

Sophisticated systems need expert attention. Contact us to discuss how we can protect your site from fire.

Building, showing a triangle in negative space.