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Econogard Alarm Solutions work with customers from a range of sectors, each with different needs requiring unique safety and security solutions. Here are just some of the sectors we work within.

Glass flasks in a lab.


Pharmaceutical companies often span several sites, are complex in design and have many safety and security issues to manage.


Education establishments are complex sites often comprising of office space laboratories, accommodation blocks, server rooms, auditoriums, and large open spaces.

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Nurse and patient.


With decades of experience of working in the healthcare sector, we understand the complexities and challenges these premises bring.


Protecting business premises against security risks or threat of fire is vital. We secure sites by applying innovative security solutions and integrating alarm systems with CCTV and access control.

Glass skyscrapers.
Harvester and tractor.


Preventing the theft of farm equipment, vandalism and the threat of fire on farm sites can be difficult due to their often remote locations and open boundaries.

Hospitality and leisure

From ensuring fire safety at leisure venues, restricting guest access at hotels and monitoring venues for any suspicious activities, robust, reliable fire, safety and security systems are essential.

Waiting staff.
Building corner.

Property management

The portfolio of property management companies can be vast and consist of buildings of varying complexities, from high rise building blocks for students to commercial mixed-use developments.

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Whichever sector your business is in, contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

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