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From fire extinguishers and alarms to sophisticated gas suppressors and video smoke detectors, we will find the right solution to all your fire, safety and security requirements. With over 40 years of industry experience you can rely on us to provide fully integrated systems that fit your needs and budget.

Fire alarm switch on a wall with a hand.

Fire alarms

Our expertise ensures you are fully compliant with all regulations, and our fire alarm systems reduce the risk of loss of life and property to give you complete peace of mind.

Voice alarms

A voice alarm system enables a phased evacuation of a building using live speech or pre-recorded messages. This is used to guide employees and guests to safety.

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Metal pipes coming down from the ceiling.

Fire suppression

Fire suppression is a sophisticated system where an inert substance is automatically released to extinguish a fire. These systems make sure your employees, assets and data are safe when firefighting with other mediums is not an option.

Video smoke detection

Video image smoke and fire detection (VISD) systems can monitor large areas to look for visible indications of a fire.

Smoke whorls.
Ceiling vents.

Fire and smoke dampers

Fire dampers prevent the flame from crossing a fire barrier. If a fire breaks out, fire dampers close, and suppress the spread of smoke and fire throughout the building.

Fire extinguishers

Our experienced engineers guarantee that installation and service work is undertaken promptly. All new equipment carries a five-year warranty.

Upright red fire extinguishers.

Fire risk assessment

Our fire risk assessments are designed to examine the potential risk and spread of fire in your premises.

Emergency lighting

If emergency lighting fails, lives could be put at risk and organisations held responsible. To guard against this, a yearly test of emergency lighting is mandatory.

Emergency exit sign, glowing green
A call button gripped in a hand.

Nurse call systems

Whether you have a care home, assisted living property, or deliver services in a large healthcare trust we have a solution to suit your staff and service users.

Access control and security

From simple intercom systems, card reading or PIN systems, through to sophisticated biometric technology, we design, supply, install and maintain electronic access control systems that protect your site while allowing controlled movement.

Card swipe gates in a foyer.
Security fence with CCTV warning sign.

Closed-circuit television

We partner with established accredited companies to offer the installation and maintenance of the simplest to the most sophisticated CCTV systems.

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